Clear Creek Valley Water & Sanitation District


What is the Clear Creek Valley Water & Sanitation District?


Clear Creek Water & Sanitation District is a special district formed under provisions of the Colorado State Statutes, which has five elected public officials. The Board provides for the financing and for the operations of a wastewater collection system which delivers wastewater to Metro Wastewater Reclamation in Denver for treatment. The Board has powers to impose service fees and taxes and to adopt Rules and Regulations governing the use of the District’s system.


What part of the system is the responsibility of the District, and what is the responsibility of the individual home owner?


The home owner is responsible for the service line which runs at a point from the outside building wall of the home to a connection with the public sewer line, which is generally in the street or in an easement the District has for a sewer main. The District owns and operates the balance of the system.


How do I connect to the District’s system?


Connection is achieved by purchasing a tap from the District’s office, and arranging for the physical connection of the service line to the District’s public sewer system.


Are there limitations as to what can be disposed of in the District’s system?


Yes. Article 2 of the Rules and Regulations sets forth a number of limitations regarding discharges into the District’s system. Such limitations include, among others, no connection of swimming pools, no direct connection of wash racks, no discharge of any waste or materials other than through a connected service line, no flammable or explosive waste or materials. Refer to Article 2 of the Rules and Regulations for a complete list of prohibited waste and materials.


How am I paying for wastewater transmission and treatment?


You pay the District both service fees and ad volarem taxes to provide revenues for daily operation of the District, renovation and reconstruction of the system, and transmission and treatment charges assessed by Metro Wastewater Reclamation. Each November, the Board of Directors reviews a budget, which is discussed at a publicly held meeting, to determine any changes in revenue required for the following year and to pass a budget. Ad volarem taxes and service fees have been adopted by the Board and are set forth in Article 9 of the Rules and Regulations.


Do I need a license for any service line or public sewer line installation or repairs?


Article 5 of the Rules and Regulations requires a District-issued drainlayers license for anyone who is constructing or repairing either a service line or a main line of the District. These licenses can be obtained at the District office. Requirements for the drainlayers license are set forth in Article 5. Article 7 has further instructions with regard to the responsibility for construction of service lines and sets forth the construction standards required by the District.


How do I include my property within the District for service?


There is a statutory process for inclusion and exclusion of property from the District. It is started by a Petition to the Board of Directors. Requirements for the Petition for either inclusion or exclusion can be found in Article 8 of the Rules and Regulations.



The information above contains only selected provisions of the Rules and Regulations. All users within the District are expected to refer to the full text of the Rules and Regulations that are binding on all users. Any questions regarding the Rules and Regulations should be addressed to the District Manager, Mike Nelson, at 303-424-4194, or